Nodcorp it's your partner, may be your friend, who help you to realise your dream.
they use in power of internet and It technologie to Build your World, make you happy it's our concern.

We increase your Business

we believe that expanding your business network , and help you do it easily , bring you great satisfaction
To do that, we design buzigo.com You can and sale your product, or your services around your country and why not the world

We are Mia

Mia is your virtual assistant of Cameroonian origin, born in September 2021 in Yaoundé designed by the NODCORP
i'm your guide on the digital to lead you on the next step

We increase your food Business

food business growing in Africa, why not take part of it
we design buzigo food, where you cook from home or your restaurant and sell it online in Cameroon and accross Africa
Buzigo Food

We like business

Nodcorp Working everyday on the improvement of our social life.
so how to improve a life when money it's not there
For those people who need to raise a business at the micro level, they can be fund on the wallet of Africa
Buzigo Wallet .

Contact us

+237 693 97 31 89